Storing Your Coffee at Peak Freshness: Top Tips

Storing Your Coffee at Peak Freshness: Top Tips

The smell, taste, and flavor of a freshly brewed cup of coffee is every coffee lover’s delight. Regular coffee drinkers can instantly tell the difference between fresh and stale coffee; such is the nature of coffee’s flavor, smell, and taste. The key to long-lasting freshness is the way in which the coffee is stored. Coffee beans and ground coffee have different storage rules because of the difference in their nature. Here are some tips for storing your coffee the right way to maintain its freshness.

Getting the Right Storage Container Right: The Thumb Rule

The 5 important rules about the storage container are that they should be airtight, sealed, dry, dark, and opaque. Any contact with air, moisture, or sunlight will greatly compromise the quality of coffee beans and more severely impact ground coffee. It is vital not to leave much empty space inside the container as the air inside the half-empty container can also cause damage to the freshness of the coffee.

Some coffee roasters pack their coffee in specially-designed containers that have a permeable one-way valve. Coffee beans release gasses after roasting which escape through this valve. The packaging also stops air from entering the packaging. This kind of packaging can keep the coffee fresh for several weeks and need not be transferred to a separate container.

Keep It Away From Moisture and Warm Spots

To retain coffee beans at their maximum freshness, they must not be stored in moist or damp areas. Avoid storing coffee beans in your refrigerator since the humidity can cause the moisture in your coffee to evaporate, thereby leaving the coffee stale. Coffee beans contain flavourful oils that are pushed to the outer surface of the beans as a result of the oxidation process that happens when they are exposed to cold conditions. Also, coffee beans are porous and hence absorb odors easily. Storing them with other foods can result in the beans taking in the smell or flavor of other items.

It is also to be remembered not to store them in places that get a lot of warmth like near the oven or stove, or a spot that has exposure to sunlight. Cool, dark, and dry places are the most suited for coffee storage.

Purchase and Grind at Proper Intervals

Most people miss out on fresh coffee because they do this wrong. Coffee beans contain oils that give it its signature taste. These oils begin to rapidly disintegrate upon roasting. This is why coffee should never be stored for long. The maximum period for which you can retain the original freshness after grinding is two weeks. So, time your purchase accordingly. If you are buying roasted coffee, buy only the quantity that you can consume in a week.

What To Do if You Have Bought Lots Already?

Store your coffee in the freezer in completely airtight containers. They can retain freshness for up to a month if stored properly. Ensure that you do not put defrosted coffee back into the freezer. Remove only the quantity you can grind, brew, and consume within two weeks.

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