Your Guide To Pairing Coffee & Food Items

Your Guide To Pairing Coffee & Food Items

Have you ever wondered which types of food are best to complement the complex flavors of your favorite coffee? When first starting out, you can simply refer to the coffee taste notes and find foods that match the flavors. To help you out, we’ve gathered some snack and meal pairings to eat with your favorite brew!

Fruit Pairings

The general rule of thumb when pairing fruit and coffee is to find coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya, or Uganda. The floral notes of coffee from this region help to highlight and complement the flavors of fruits of all kinds. Originating from Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Guatemala with bright notes of raisin and cinnamon, 2 IN 2 OUT is the perfect Operator Coffee roast to go along with any type of fruit. We’ve co-branded this roast with Firefighters for Healing as a tribute to firefighters and children who have experienced burn trauma. 

Chocolate Pairings

When pairing chocolate with coffee, it’s best to choose roasts that either match or balance the level of acidity in both the chocolate and coffee. For example, you may want to pair dark chocolate with a dark roast such as Bore Cleaner. Perhaps you are a milk chocolate lover; try pairing your next sweet treat with a balanced medium roast such as Indebted Patriot.

Baked Good Pairings

You may know how important it can be to pick the right wine for your dessert. Likewise, you want to ensure that you are balancing the flavors of your dessert and coffee. A simple guideline is to ensure that you are serving richer desserts with bold coffee to avoid overwhelming both the dessert and your cup of joe. For example, you may want to pair cheesecake or chocolate cakes with a robust Italian dark roast like Elite Blackout.


You heard it here, coffee pairing isn’t just for sweets. There are many salty and savory foods that complement coffee quite well. Look for bright and citrusy coffees like Trident Roast to pair with your next chicken and duck dish. 

Red Meat 

Did you know that espresso brings out the smokey flavors of grilled meats? Many people are turning to coffee rubs to spice up their meat as one of the latest trends. Instead of purchasing one of these rubs at a store, grab some 1 Minute Out Espresso and follow this recipe to make your own: Coffee Rubbed Steak Recipe.

Now that you are an expert at coffee and food pairing, begin browsing your cupboards and filling your shopping cart with some complimentary Operator Coffee roasts here:

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